Augustinian Communications Survey Executive Summary

We would like to extend our appreciation and gratitude for those that took the time to complete our Augustinian Communications Survey this past spring.  Conducting surveys like these is important so that we know the most effective ways of communicating with our broad Augustinian Family so that we can:

  • Inform our readers about the impacts of their charitable giving;
  • Ensure that we are stewarding our donors' gifts wisely; and,
  • Encourage others to contribute to the Augustinians.

You can use the button below to download the full executive summary.  If you have any further questions, please contact the Augustinians' Associate Director for Communications, Patrick Murphy.


The Augustinians conducted a survey in the spring of 2015 to focus on Augustinian Communications.  The audience mostly focused on those that receive The Midwest Augustinian newsletter and Augustinian E-News.  More specifically, the survey asked questions about how well-informed readers feel about the Province, how much they enjoy the newsletter, and why some choose to donate.  About 18% of these audiences responded to the survey.  The wide majority of responses said that they thoroughly enjoy receiving the printed newsletter, and that they feel very informed regarding the Province's priorities.  Many said that they donate because of their close relationship with a friar or with an Augustinian school/parish.  The survey confirmed that the newsletter is an effective tool for communicating with the broad base of supporters and should continue to engage supporters and friends of the Augustinians.


Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy has been working with the Augustinians in fundraising and communications since 2010. He began working with the Augustinian Vocations office in 2015. He also holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management.