6 Augustinians Profess Vows in San Diego

On Saturday, August 5 the Order of St. Augustine received the solemn profession of vows from Brs. Nicholas Porter and Philip Yang, OSA, both of whom belong to the Western Province. The Mass of Profession was held at Founder's Chapel on the campus of the University of San Diego.

Four men who had finished their novitiate year in Racine Wisconsin also professed their temporary vows: Brs. Arturo Renteria and Mauricio Morales, OSA, from the Western Province; and Brs. William Gabriel and Jeremy Hiers, OSA, from the Eastern Province. Br. William and Br. Jeremy will begin their studies at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago this Fall. 

Lastly, Br. John Arulthas, OSA, who will be joining the Marylake community in Canada, made a symbolic renewal of his solemn vows. Br. John is joining the Augustinians after leaving the Rosarian Order, with which he had already made his solemn vows.

Above you can watch the mass of profession in its entirety! Below watch the Augustinians arrive and gather in San Diego, and hear Br. Philip reflect on his faith journey.