"Archaeological Remains of St. Augustine's North Africa" Video Online!

In 2000, Fr. David L. Brecht, O.S.A., an honoree of the 2014 Augustinian Gala, published a short documentary detailing an archaeological story of St. Augustine in North Africa.  St. Augustine was the bishop of Hippo in present-day Algeria.  Please view and share the video!

Archeological Remains of St. Augustine's North Africa from Midwest Augustinians on Vimeo.

St. Augustine of Hippo was the most influential Church leader and writer in Western Christianity since St. Paul the Apostle. Among his contributions to Christian thought and life is his role as one of the principal Patriarchs of Western Religious Life.

This video provides a tour of the places where St. Augustine lived and worked. It reviews his life by examining the land and archaeological remains of Augustine's Roman civilization.

This video was produced by Father David L. Brecht, O.S.A. at the now-closed Tolentine Center in Olympia Fields, Illinois.

© 2000 David L. Brecht, O.S.A., Tolentine Center, Olympia Fields, IL. Gozzoli frescoes by license from Scala/Art Resource, NY. Slide B of baptistery at Hippo Regius courtesy of Michael J. Slattery, O.S.A. Picture of St. Monica (Sotomajor) by permission of Augustinian Press, Villanova, PA. Video Production by Com-Video Productions LLC, De Pere, WI. Audio post production by TMC Midwest. Produced by American City Bureau, Hoffman Estates, IL.