“Philanthropy” Survey

Because you are a leader for us, and a significant, longstanding and loyal supporter, we put great stock in your opinion.  During the past few months, while reformulating our plans and strategy for charitable gifts for the next three years (to replace our recently-ended 2016-2019 Strategic Plan), we have given much thought about how we present ourselves.  Fr. Tony, Marty Wojcik, Sean Reynolds, and I are proposing that we change our name and department, titles, and council to incorporate the term “Philanthropy.”

Words do mean something, and we feel that this term does a much better job describing all of us and our work than the term “Advancement.”  This is far more than a simple name change. It is an attempt to more clearly and precisely define the nature of our ministry and who we aspire to be. This Greek term, “philanthropy,” means simply love of mankind. We feel that it better reflects our deep commitment to building strong, enduring, and mission-driven relationships among ourselves, and with each of our supporters.  These relationships, in order to be true for us, must be based on Christ-like love for each other, and reflective of our commitment to the Augustinian mission and its fundamental values of Veritas, Unitas, and Caritas.

Do you support this proposal?  Please answer Yes or No, and then add any comments you wish to share regarding your position.  It would be a great help to have your response by Monday, August 12.  You can always email or call too, if you prefer, Michael at 312-241-9696. Thank you.

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