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Blessed Simon of Todi

April 20

Simon of Todi (died 1322) was known for his example of humility and patience, even in the face of injustices. He was regarded as a miracle worker.

Simon Rinalducci was born sometime in the middle of the thirteenth century in Todi, Perugia, Italy. He joined the Order of Saint Augustine around the year 1280.

He was a noted theologian and an effective preacher of the Gospel. He served as Prior (local superior) of several monasteries, and was elected Prior Provincial (regional superior).

During the General Chapter of the Order in 1318, some of his fellow Augustinians brought some serious accusations against him. These accusations, the nature of which is not known, were totally false, and were probably made by those who wanted to have his position of authority.

He suffered much from these false charges, but endured this difficult time with patience. Several years later he was appointed preacher in Bologna. There he taught the ways of Christian life not only by preaching the Word, but also by living it. He is credited with bringing about many miracles for those who sought his help.

The Bishop of Terni in 1311 gave to the Augustinians the pastoral care of a church in his Diocese mainly because of his great respect for Simon.

Simon died April 20, 1322 in the Monastery of Saint James the Great in Bologna. His remains are preserved there.