The following revised norms for the use of Austin Hall in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, and Baldwin Lake House in Union, Michigan were developed and approved by the Province Council.

  1. The general principle governing the norms for use of the vacation houses is that they are for the primary use of Augustinians.

  2. Before March 1 in a given calendar year, Augustinians have priority for reserving Baldwin Lake House for their own use during the summer time period (from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day Weekend). Beginning March 1, Augustinians may also reserve Baldwin Lake House for use by approved outside groups (family groups, alumni groups, parish groups, etc.) during the summer time period, provided that the house has not previously been reserved for use by an Augustinian or Augustinians on the dates desired.

  3. Austin Hall may be reserved by one Augustinian. He then designates its use while he is there.

  4. When a friar reserves a room at Baldwin Lake House, it is understood that additional friars may also reserve rooms there. However, when Baldwin Lake House is reserved for use by an entire community or as part of the Novitiate or Theologate formation program, the reserving group may determine whether or not other friars may use the house at the same time.

  5. Austin Hall and Baldwin Lake House may be reserved for up to two weeks (14 consecutive nights) at a time.

  6. An outside group will be allowed to use the vacation houses if this group is connected with an Augustinian or Augustinians, approved by the Province Council and accompanied by an Augustinian.

  7. The outside groups currently approved by the Province Council to use Austin Hall and Baldwin Lake House are

  • Augustinian friars' family groups

  • Augustinian Nuns (New Lenox)

  • Augustinian Sisters of Our Lady of Help (Lemont, Chicago)

  • Augustinian Sisters of St. Rita (Racine)

  • Augustinian Affiliates

  • Augustinian Volunteers

  • St. Augustine Seminary Alumni

  • All parish groups from an Augustinian parish or a parish with an Augustinian as Pastor

  • Teachers from St. Mary of the Lake Catholic School, New Buffalo, Michigan

  • Tolentine Retreats Team

  • Cascia Hall Faculty/Staff/Administrators/Board Members

  • Ministry Interns in Notre Dame University/Kalamazoo Diocese program mentored by Joseph McCormick, O.S.A.

  • Informal groups of persons connected with an Augustinian or Augustinians, and organized and supervised by Joseph McCormick, O.S.A., to use Baldwin Lake House on the occasions of various events at Notre Dame University

8.  Individual Augustinians with their personal guests (family) will be allowed to use the vacation houses free of charge. They may make a contribution if they so wish.

9.  Outside groups (Nos. 6-7 above) are asked to make a contribution to the support of the vacation house via the Province Treasurer. It is suggested that this contribution be $10 per person per day. The outside groups organized by Joseph McCormick, O.S.A. are expected to contribute an amount agreed upon prior to their use of Baldwin Lake House.

10.  Extreme prudence must be observed by those using the vacation homes. Those under 21 years of age may not use the vacation homes unless they are accompanied by two adults. Those under 21 years of age may not use any kind of drugs or alcohol.

11.  All communities are to have a set of keys for Baldwin Lake House.

12.  Individuals and groups who use Austin Hall and Baldwin Lake House should always review the check list of each house before they leave.

-- Updated and Approved by the Province Council
June 14, 2013