Announcing Two New Augustinian Affiliates

Following recent announcements over the past few weeks, the Augustinians are pleased to announce that 2 more laypeople from Delta, British Columbia, Canada (near Vancouver), will join 17 others in being named Affiliates of the Augustinian Order.  Affiliation is the highest honor that the Augustinian Order can bestow upon an individual.

The 19 individuals in total will personally receive their certificates from the worldwide leader of the Augustinian Order, who is visiting Augustinian parishes and schools in Canada and the United States from April 11-April 25, 2015.  Please read below for more information on our two newest Augustinian Affiliates, as well as the full definition of what Affiliation means.

Adele Laureen Britz

Adele Laureen Britz

Adele Britz was born in 1947 in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada and now lives in Delta, British Columbia.  She had been part of the pastoral ministry of the Augustinians at Sacred Heart Parish in Delta. She began to work as the parish secretary in 1969.  Father Othmar Mussmacher, O.S.A., was the pastor when she started to work for the parish. She also worked with other Augustinians such as Fathers John Bosworth, O.S.A.; Allan Charnon, O.S.A.; Michael Martell, O.S.A.; and at present with Father Edgar Polotan, O.S.A.

When asked, "What is it that is unique to the Augustinian Family that she had been seeing over the years," she recalled about Father Othmar Mussmacher who ran the parish as a community and not as a business. In him, an honest, Christlike, and good man was evident. She discovered in him an Augustinian who provided her with a sense of belonging that kept her working at Sacred Heart Parish even now after 45 years!

Gus Getz

Gus Getz

Gus Getz is a Canadian who was born on July 23, 1940 in Saskatchewan. He now resides in Ladner, British Columbia, with his wife Eunice. They have two daughters named Shelley and Anthony. Gus worked as an equipment operator for 30 years. 

In 1949, he started attending St. Monica’s Parish. His family helped to build the Church there when the Augustinians extended their mission from Sacred Heart Parish. Father Cajetan initiated the mission there. 

Gus’ family moved to Ladner in 1968 while the Augustinians were building the school. He assisted the friars to raise funds for it through bingo games. For many years, his family had not only been part of the parish, but also the ministries of the Order. Gus had been inspired by the friars especially Fr. Leo Cameron, O.S.A., for his simplicity, good natured, and friendly manner toward the people. 

Since the year 2000, Gus volunteered his time almost every day to keep the monastery clean and well maintained. He cuts the grass, paints the walls, and fixes whatever needs fixing for free. 

Inspired by the Augustinian brothers who used to labor generously to maintain the monastery, Gus had been continuing the services of the friars in the past, to serve the parish community. 

Truly, he says that the Augustinians inspire his heart.  His services continue to pass on what the friars have started in both Ladner and Delta, British Columbia.

Affiliation of the Faithful to the Order

Definition According to the Augustinian Order

The Order has the faculty of affiliating to itself the faithful who merit special recognition because their distinguished cooperation for the good of the Order. By reason of this affiliation they belong to the Augustinian Family and share in all the spiritual benefits of the Order. All the friars, in their heart and actions, are to show their gratitude to all those who are affiliated. Affiliation is granted by the Prior General on his own initiative or upon the request of any community of the Augustinian Family. The certificate of affiliation should be granted with some solemnity. The parents of friars and sisters of solemn vows are considered affiliated to the Order from the very day of solemn profession. The Prior General can grant this affiliation to the parents of the brothers and sisters of aggregated Congregations if the Generals of these Congregations ask for it. If opportune, other expressions of honor or gratitude can also be conferred.


Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy has been working with the Augustinians in fundraising and communications since 2010. He began working with the Augustinian Vocations office in 2015. He also holds a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management.