Bernard Heerey Family Foundation: Assisting Elderly, Retired Augustinians


Fr. Bernie Scianna, O.S.A., the Prior Provincial of the Midwest Augustinians, says that it is the duty - indeed the sacred obligation - of our Augustinian Province to see that our retired and infirm friars receive the care they need in the twilight years of their lives.  These men have lived lives of great purpose and have significantly impacted the lives of tens of thousands of men, women, and children in Chicagoland and elsewhere in the Midwest.  It would be hard to live a more meaningful and impactful life.

Finding the funds to care for these 30 elderly and infirm friars is no easy task.  The total cost of that care is about one million dollars annually.  So it is with great appreciation that we receive an annual grant from the Bernard Heerey Foundation, through trustee Mr. Nathanial Grey, of $50,000 to cover the care of one of our friars for a year. Mr. Bernard Heerey's legacy lives on through his foundation, which supports many spiritual endeavors to improve the Chicago landscape

Bernard Heerey, for whom the foundation is named, was a successful local businessman and Catholic who loved Chicago and its people.  He died in 1999 at the age of 79, but his vision for improving the spiritual landscape of Chicago continues.  Mr. Grey stated that these kinds of impactful grants would be in keeping with Mr. Heerey's values and charitable priorities.  Needless to say, the Augustinians are very grateful to  Mr. Grey and to his deceased friend and colleague, Bernard Heerey.

Thank you to Mr. Grey and the Bernard Heerey Foundation!