Prior Provincial Election Results Are In

The tally of votes from eligible Midwest Augustinian friars on December 18, 2017 did not result in the election of the next Prior Provincial. As a result, the election of the next Prior Provincial will take place as part of the Ordinary Province Chapter, scheduled for June 4-8, 2018.

The Ordinary Province Chapter will also bring to a close the second term of current Prior Provincial, Fr. Bernard C. Scianna, O.S.A., and the term of the new Prior Provincial will begin immediately upon his election.

Only two candidates were available on this election ballot: Fr. Scianna; and Fr. Anthony Pizzo, O.S.A.. Due to the fact that the Constitution of the Augustinian Order prohibits three consecutive terms as Prior Provincial, Fr. Scianna needed two-thirds of the vote in order to be postulated, per the stipulation of Canon Law and the Prior General of the Order. Fr. Pizzo needed more than half of the votes in order to be elected.

Since the election neither provided Fr. Scianna with two-thirds of the vote, nor Fr. Pizzo more than half, a second election will be held at the Chapter in June. However, Fr. Scianna will no longer be eligible for election, and, therefore, his service as Prior Provincial will end at that time.

We ask for your prayers as our Province transitions into a new phase and new leadership over the coming year.