Convocation of North American Augustinians held at Villanova

A Convocation of Augustinians of North America was held June 11-16, 2017, at Villanova. The three prior provincials came together with the Augustinian Prior General Alejandro Morai, OSA, who traveled from Rome for the event.

The goal of the convocation was to reflect upon and assess the activities of FANA (Federation of Augustinians of North America) since its formation in 2010, and to discuss the possibility of further unification amongst the East, Midwest, and Western provinces.

In an opening address to the FANA Convocation, Fr. Brian Lowery, OSA said:

At different times in the story of a religious family, you can hear the sounds of a new song being sung. Usually it is the first song, the one sung at the important moment of foundation. The melody can return through the years and want to be sung again, maybe in a new key and perhaps with updated lyrics. We still believe in that song.

Please look through the pictures below to see the strength of the Order gathered as one family: